Committed to providing you excellent service, so you always choose us for your repair needs.


We deal with a lot of long haul truckers and we know your time is money! We pride ourselves on being quick and efficient when it comes to repairs. We have an excellent reputation with parts companies in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana to get all parts big or small to our shop and on your truck quicker than the competition.  We have top of the line computer diagnostic equipment to assist us in making sure that your truck leaves here in the absolute best of conditions.




We love what we do and we're here to ensure that you get timely service and quality repairs. We're #1 on the Gulf Coast for timely service on road calls and in shop repairs. Need an estimate before we get started? If it's internal, we can get you everything you need to know via our computer diagnostic system. If it's external, give us a call or stop by and we'll get a repair estimate together for you. 

We're truly dedicated to the diesel repair industry and we only hire mechanics who have a solid background in repairing diesel trucks and equipment.

Our mechanics come from many different backgrouds, which means we're ready to tackle any diesel project with the knowledge and professionalism that you deserve. Our team knows about your diesel and we'll complete the repairs with the confidence that you'll be back to see us any time you need a mechanic in the area.