24/7 Roadside repairs and towing.




The Shop is open for business Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM.

We have a 24/7 dispatching team that will get a mechanic on location as quickly as possible

We offer many preventative maintenance options including Fleet Maintenance. We offer DOT inspections, Wet PMs & Dry PMs. Our PMs include an in depth diagnostic that allows us to give you a comprehensive list of anything we see on your truck that could prevent you from not passing a test by DOT officials.


Here at Truck Service Inc, we pride ourselves on being the best of the best. Our certified and highly skilled mechanics will take your heavy duty project to the next level. Whether you're coming in for repairs, modifications, deletes or upgrades to your truck, we've got you covered. Stop by or give us a call to talk about scheduling.

We have top of the line computer software that can diagnose anything going wrong on your truck. We are able to do full regens and DPF deletes. Our technicians attend many classes to make sure we're #1 in the field when it comes to the top of the line technology that we use on a daily basis.